Netflix Farming Simulator 23 Teaches Kids (and Adults) About Farming

When most people think of Netflix, they immediately recall nights of binging TV series and movies at the touch of a button. But there are other benefits that accompany a Netflix subscription, too, including gaming. And we’re especially delighted about a fun farming mobile game included with Netflix that informs as much as it entertains: Farming Simulator 23. But just because it’s a video game, don’t think that Farming Simulator 23 is only for the kiddos in your life!

Grown-ups can also dive deep into the game and learn the ins-and-outs of agriculture, farm life, and how rural economies keep Canada both well-fed and well-invigorated. Keep reading to learn the basics of Farming Simulator 23 on Netflix Games, which you can enjoy on Northern Lights Fiber’s high-speed fiber internet, while better understanding just how essential farms and rural communities are to our country’s present and future.

The Technical Basics of Farming Simulator 23

Farming Simulator 23 is a mobile game, which means it can be played on a smartphone or tablet through your Netflix account. The game works brilliantly on both Android and Apple’s iOS systems (i.e., iPhone and iPad), so it doesn’t matter which brand of device you use.

To begin your Farming Simulator 23 journey, simply download the game from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store and then make sure you’re logged into your Netflix account from your device to start playing. Keep in mind that the game does not save your progress to the cloud as you go along, so you could lose your hard-earned virtual farming efforts if you don’t save to your device!

For an optimal gaming experience, be sure to connect your mobile device to your Wi-Fi network, powered by Northern Lights Fiber’s fiber. If you don’t, you’ll depend on your device’s data plan while playing, which won’t be as reliable, stable, or fast as fiber.

Virtual Farming Fun from Your Home

Farming Simulator 23 brings the joys—and significant challenges—of farming and rural living to life on your mobile devices. Many players also find the game relaxing and even calming, a pleasant way to unwind as they’re charmed by its lovely, bucolic graphics and countryside aesthetics.

From the start, you’re put in charge of all aspects of running a farm and creating a thriving agricultural business. Farming Simulator 23 lets you raise and tend livestock, select crops for planting and harvesting, and develop production of many products. 

But, as any “real-life” farmer will tell you, it’s not simply a matter of picking out the animals and seeds you want to produce. Indeed, success in the game will take some careful thought and planning, too, as well as longer-term vision for your farm.

For example, just as you would on a real farm, you must feed your livestock—and each animal’s dietary needs are different. Take cows, for example. To keep your bovine friends happy—and fattened up—you’ll need to select a proper mixture of feed, including hay and straw, but also mineral feed. Chickens, of course, will have a very different diet, so you’ll want to make thoughtful choices for them about feed and how much space to provide them, as well.

Players must also make choices about crop selection and soil preparation. After all, both money and property space are not unlimited! And Farming Simulator 23 provides ample crop choices for your consideration. Some crops are more profitable, like soy and sugar beets. But you can also try your hand at growing many other crops, too, from longtime staples like cotton and potatoes, to more specialized produce like grapes and olives.

However, each crop has different soil conditions, space requirements, fertilization types and schedules, and even machinery needs. Cotton, for example, has a unique harvesting machine that must be used to properly collect the cotton when it’s ready for market. Even the seemingly humble potato has specific demands, from seeder machines to harvesters.

Farming Simulator 23 Teaches Agricultural Economics and the Value of Rural Communities

Through the process of playing, Farming Simulator 23 also teaches practical farming concepts and agricultural economics. For instance, players need to watch their budgets when making equipment purchases. Sure, an enormous, shiny new tractor would be awesome (and often useful) for plowing—and super fun to drive around the farm!

But savvy players will learn to save their hard-earned cash for the essentials and grow their farm and business sustainably over time as they cultivate their land—just as Canada’s farmers do every day. Thus, larger capital investments in expensive machinery should be carefully planned out to focus on the crops and livestock critical to the farm’s success.

The interdependence among feed diversity, soil quality, weather variability, and reliance on the output of other farmers and ranchers from around the world are also significant components of Farming Simulator 23—just as they are in Canada’s rural communities. You’ll also gain knowledge of core farming principles like crop yields, supply chains, the science of fertilizers, and even the finer distinctions between raising pigs and sheep!

Taken together, players come to understand—and genuinely appreciate—the complicated but fascinating dynamics of farming and Canada’s broader agricultural and rural heritage. And you get to do so from the comfort of your home through Northern Lights Fiber’s cutting-edge fiber network and Netflix.

Don’t Sleep on Netflix Gaming!

Beyond being well-known for streaming on-demand TV series and movies, Netflix is quietly becoming a “player” in the mobile gaming world. And of course, there’s far more than just farming-related games to be played on Netflix.

You can enjoy over 80 games right now, with many more new games promised by Netflix over the coming years. Netflix’s games range from arcade-like games such as Sonic Prime Dash (developed from the venerable Sonic the Hedgehog series) to adventure story games like Stranger Things: 1984 (inspired by the iconic Netflix retro-horror TV series). You’ll find a complete list of Netflix’s current game offerings here.

Best of all, Farming Simulator 23 and the other 80+ mobile games available on Netflix are included in your Netflix subscription! In other words, you don’t need to add Netflix Gaming to your monthly plan—it’s already there and ready for you to start playing.

Gaming is just another way to take advantage of your Netflix subscription. But you can also exercise and even learn the basics of yoga through Netflix, too!

So keep exploring Netflix and all of your streaming apps to discover other benefits you may have overlooked. And for more ways to make the most of your streaming subscriptions, keep following Northern Lights Fiber’s social pages!

Fiber Internet Increases Home Values

Move over kitchens and bathrooms–fiber has moved up on the must-have list for homebuyers. Now more than ever before, people want to work, learn, and access telehealth applications from home. Modern lifestyles require modern internet powered by a fiber network.

In fact, a 2023 study showed that fiber-delivered internet access could increase a home’s value by almost 5%. On average, consumers would require a 4.9% decrease in price for a non-fiber home, a 3.2% decrease for a non-fiber condo, and a 12.8% decrease for a non-fiber apartment.

What’s the Data Saying?

The Fiber Broadband Association’s (FBA) 2023 consumer research study highlights that fiber is no longer just a bonus–it’s a necessity. U.S. consumers rated high-quality broadband as the second most important amenity in a home, just after a laundry room.

Nearly two-thirds of all consumers consider fiber to be the best internet service delivery method in terms of speed and reliability.

Beyond that, there is an increasing body of research linking investment in broadband networks with accelerated economic performance. Communities with fast and reliable fiber networks often exhibit higher rates of per capita GDP.

Fast and Reliable Internet for Remote Workers

Not only is the internet a prime source of communication and entertainment, but it’s also essential for the Canadian white-collar workforce. With 5.1 million Canadians working remotely full-time or part-time, fast, secure, and reliable internet has become an invaluable asset.

Remote workers favor fiber internet because cable internet can be significantly slower and far less reliable than fiber.

Cable internet speeds typically range from 10-250 Mbps for downloads and 5-50 Mbps for uploads. Fiber internet, however, can provide 250-1,000 Mbps for both downloads and uploads—a critical benefit for those looking to use video conferencing tools at home.

The Future of Fiber

Even those who don’t work from home are more likely to want high-speed internet for telehealth applications than they were a few years ago. Five times more patients utilize telehealth services now than before the COVID-19 pandemic, and that number is expected to increase.

Thankfully, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration’s (NTIA) $42 billion Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) program is working to catch up to consumers’ needs. According to the FBA, the amount of fiber deployed over the next five years will nearly match the total amount of fiber that has been deployed throughout history.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, better broadband equals increased property values, more opportunities for remote work, and enhanced access to digital services like telehealth and streaming. And, of course, better opportunities yield innovation.

Increased access to fiber promotes job creation, upward mobility, entrepreneurship, expanding local businesses, and attracting new ones.

Fiber brings massive benefits to communities, so it’s no wonder fiber increases individual home values too! To learn more about fiber availability at your home, contact Northern Lights Fiber today. We’d love to get you connected.

Five Reasons to Break Up with Your Current Internet Provider

Sluggish speeds, data caps, hidden fees, and poor customer service? It’s not you, it’s them.

Today, we’re highlighting five signs you should break up with your current internet provider—and hook up with Northern Lights Fiber’s high-speed fiber internet service instead!

Reason #1 Your Internet Just Doesn’t Have the Speed to Keep Up with You

If you’re like most people, you just can’t wait to binge your favorite series or keep up with live sports or current events. But if you’ve noticed your internet is just too sluggish to keep up with the content you love, then it’s time to show your current internet provider the door!

Older forms of internet like DSL and coaxial cable just don’t have the download speeds that fiber does because they’re literally using materials built for other uses. Cable was made to transmit television signals, while DSL was designed for voice service. Fiber optic cable, on the other hand, can transmit internet signal at nearly the speed of light!

Thus, fiber internet, like the kind delivered by Northern Lights Fiber, is capable of extreme download speeds of greater than 1 gigabyte per second. Our internet can keep up with you and stream all the movies, TV shows and live entertainment you could possibly want.

Reason #2 Your Internet’s Bandwidth Isn’t Giving You the Space You Need to Thrive

You might also find that your current internet provider isn’t giving you the “space” you need to live your best life—and in this case, we’re talking about bandwidth. Bandwidth refers to the quantity of data an internet connection can send to your devices per second. 

While internet speed is fairly self-explanatory and easy to understand, greater bandwidth is just as essential to a home’s internet service as speed. High bandwidth capacity is particularly vital in households with people that stream simultaneously on multiple smart TV’s, enjoy online gaming, or download (or upload) online videos.

Fiber’s cutting-edge materials and state-of-the-art networking make its bandwidth capacity considerably greater than cable and other forms of internet. And fiber’s generous bandwidth means that everyone in your household will have the space they need to do just about anything they want online without fighting over who’s using the internet at a given time.

Reason #3 You’re Done with Monthly Data Caps

If you’re tired of your internet company slowing down your internet with data caps each month, it’s time to dump them and switch to fiber.

You might be asking why your internet company caps your data in the first place. Well, they do so to keep from overloading their systems, which lack sufficient bandwidth to serve all their customers properly (because their technology just can’t cover it the way fiber can). Thus, these inferior internet technologies require providers to “cap” the amount of data each household uses each month.

Those data caps trigger dreaded slowdowns in internet quality, which can really annoy you when you’re trying to binge a series or watch a live sports event. And some companies will even charge extra fees for exceeding your data cap.

Because of fiber’s bandwidth capabilities, you’ll never need to worry about data caps! Northern Lights Fiber’s advanced fiber network gives you and your family enough room to spread your wings online without the limitations of data caps or slowdowns cable and other older internet technologies usually require.

Reason #4 Trust Issues—Like Hiding Fees and Costs on Your Bill

Another reason to break up with your current internet provider relates to a crucial element of any relationship: trust and candor. Way too many big internet companies seem to slide hidden fees and costs into their bills to unsuspecting customers.

Initially, these may be surreptitious additions to your bill, often in small amounts. But those do mount up over time, taking a larger chunk out of your annual budget than you originally bargained for.

At Northern Lights Fiber, we value being upfront and straightforward with you about our billing and services. We lay out all the costs and fees of our high-speed fiber internet, including any applicable taxes. Keeping trust and open lines of communication with you are top priorities for us, which we will keep throughout our relationship with you. 

Reason #5 Communications Problems—or You Just Can’t Ever Get Through to Them!

Our last reason to split with your current ISP concerns how hard it can be to get through to them! Calling technical assistance or account support to larger internet companies can try the patience of even the best of us. Indeed, with some ISPs, it can take dozens of minutes—or sometimes even hours—to connect to a real human being to help you address your problem.

One of the best ways to “test” your relationship with your current ISP is to call them and start a stopwatch (or use a stopwatch app on your smartphone) and time how long it takes to get in touch with a customer service representative. Northern Lights Fiber prides itself on its efficient response time and the resourcefulness of our friendly, local staff. You can feel confident that you will reach us when you need us.

These are just five of the best reasons to cut ties with your current internet company and make the switch to fiber with Northern Lights Fiber. To learn more about our fiber network and why it’s simply the best internet you can get, follow our social pages!